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Flight Crew Medical Requirements


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  1. Medical Assessment of Flight Attendants (Issuance / renewal format)

  2. Medical Examination for the Grant of a Private/ glider Pilot's license or Air Traffic controller’s Authorization / license

  3. Medical Examination for Renewal of a private/glider Pilot's license or Air Traffic Controller's Authorization/license

  4. Initial Medical Examination by Board for Aircrew Members other than Private or Glider Pilots

  5. Renewal Medical Examination/ Board for Aircrew Members Other than Private and Glider Pilots

  6. Restricted Medical Status letter to Flight Crew

  7. Identification of Victims and Disposition Of Passenger Remains and Personal Effects (Identification Form)

  8. Medical Certificate


  1. Amendments

  2. Blood Alcohol level & Clinical Manifestations

  3. Time of Useful Consciousness

  4. Height and Weight Requirements

  5. Aircrew Medical Examination Charges

  6. Medical Assessment of Civil Aircrew in Pakistan Summary for Guidance of Aviation Medical Exam (AME)

  7. Medical assessment Report For Operation Recreational Flying Vechicles

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