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Idara-e-Hunro Danish


Initially Industrial Home, at Karachi Airport was established in 1960 as Vocational Training Centre for spouse / female and children of the employees of the then defunct department of Civil Aviation.

However, after inception of Civil Aviation Authority in 1982, besides other numerous activities and various facilities, Civil Aviation Authority Women’s Association (CAAWA) was also formed. Mrs. Nasim Mirza wife of Air Marshal Khurshid Anwar Mirza the founder Director General of Civil Aviation Authority was the 1st Chairperson of CAAWA. The Idara-e-Hunro Danish (Industrial Home) was reactivated in 1984 to extend welfare to the families of low paid employees. At locations wives of the then Zonal Managers & Airport Managers were made responsible to promote, monitor and manage the authorized activities of their respective Idara-e-Hunro Danish.

The aim / objective of said association was to establish schools, Hospitals and Industrial Homes at Major Airports. In this regards, schools were established at the Airports of Karachi, Lahore and CATI, Hyderabad from 1983 to 1986.

Medical Centers were also established at Karachi and CATI Hyderabad in February, 1987. However, these facilities were merged with the then Administration.

Transfer of Inventory

In April, 1990, the inventory of Idara-e-Hunro Danish from Islamabad and Nawabshah (Industrial Homes) was transferred to Idara-e-Hunro Danish Karachi and the balance amount of (Rs. 82, 812) was also transferred to HQrs (CAAWA) Fund.

Name of Idara-e-Hunro Danish

As the basic concept of the then Chairperson CAAWA (Mrs. Mirza) was intended to create a grooming centers, where all female of CAA (officers, staff, including daughter’s and wives of and other outside ladies) to provide trainings such as IT, English Speaking, Vocational and Trainings in other Skills, including conducting workshop, seminar on educational topics and Impart relevant trainings, hence that chairperson had given it name of "Idara-e-Hunro Danish". A place, where education and (wisdom) other skills to be taught together. However, due to her short span, in CAA this idea could not be materialized, as was planned.

Existing Building

The existing building of Idara-e-Hunro Danish JIAP was renovated and facilitated with lot of required additional equipments in 2011 by the Mrs. Zareen Nadeem, Chairperson CAAWA (wife of Mr. Nadeem Khan Yousaf Zai, Ex-DGCAA).

Generation of Funds

  1. Admission & Monthly fee of the courses.
  2. Income by organizing Meena Bazar.
  3. Donations, if received.


As this activity is being managed as welfare facility hence an Internal Audit is conducted on regular basis.

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