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General Sales Agents

As per State Bank of Pakistan requirements, for repatriation of surplus funds by GSA of a foreign Airline / Operator, GSA certification by CAA is prerequisite for which GSA concern applies to Air Transport & Economic Regulation Directorate for issuance of Certificate that the GSA is a legal agent of the Principal Airline / Operator.


A registered firm applies for GSA’s Certificate to CAA along with the following documents:
  • Request from GSA along with Introduction of GSA about their business activities
  • Attested/Notarized CNIC of the Promoters, Directors, Chief Executive with photograph(s).
  • Confirmation letter from the concerned Airline (in original), addressed to DAT&ER, CAA, that the GSA agreement between both parties is still valid.
  • Attested/Notarized valid copy of GSA agreement duly signed and stamped by (GSA & Airline).
  • Attested / Notarized copy of Memorandum & Articles of Association and Certificate of Incorporation or any applicable SECP Forms, of the company duly signed by the Director of the firm and also verified by SECP.
  • Attested/notarized valid copy of license issued from Department of Tourist Services (DTS) only for passenger sales handling and not required for Cargo)
  • Bank paid challan copy of Rs.5,000/- as certificate issuance/renewal fee must be attached.
  • The agent shall indemnify on Company’s letterhead, save and hold harmless the CAA and its functionaries against all suits, actions, claims, or demands whatsoever or otherwise may suffer as a direct or indirect result of the existence or operation or as a result of acts or omissions of the certification.
  • Certificate that the GSA and the Airline (for which the GSA certificate is issued) will immediately notify DAT&ER, CAA, for any change/amendment/addition/omission carried out in the GSA Agreement concluded between the two parties.
  • Letter of authorization on company’s letterhead, from the CEO of the company about the person nominated to deal with CAA on behalf of the company.
  • (Any other requirements pointed out by the Specialist Directorate CAA, will be conveyed)
  • Upon completion of all documents/requirements, CAA issues a certificate to State Bank of Pakistan and copy endorses to the GSA & CM AT (NS)


  • The Certificate holder (Licensee) shall apply to the Director Air Transport & ER, HQCAA, Karachi, on the Company’s Letterhead for renewal of registration of certificate to continue to work as GSA along with applicable renewal fee as per AT FEE SCHEDULE at least 30 days before its expiry.
  • The Certificate holder is to submit the confirmation letter from the principle airline addressed to DAT&ER that GSA Agreement is still valid
  • Valid copy of Licence issued from Department of Tourist Services, if appropriate.
  • On receipt of the approval of the Competent Authority, the certificate of registration shall be renewed by the Air Transport & ER Directorate

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