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Technical Standards - ANO

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ANO-001-DRTS-1.0 dated 05th October 2009Communication, Navigation & Surveillance
ANO-002-ARTS-2.0 dated 05th July 2015Radio Navigational Aids
ANO-003-ARTS-2.0 dated 30th September 2012Communication Procedures
ANO-004-DRTS-1.0 dated 30th June 2011Communication Systems - Part I Digital Data Communication Systems - Part II Voice Communication Systems
ANO-005-DRTS-1.0 dated 10th June 2011Surveillance Radars & Collision Avoidance Systems
ANO-006-DRTS-1.0 dated 15th December 2010Aeronautical Radio Frequency Spectrum Utilization
ANO-008-DRTS-1.0 dated 30th August 2012Certification Requirements for CNS Facility Service Providers
ANO-009-ARTS-1.0 dated 31st January 2013Requirement of “Communication Operation Manual” for Airports / Locations
ANO-010-ARTS-1.0 dated 15th September 2013Requirements Of “CNS Engineering Manual” For Airport / Location

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